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Dear soul

Congratulation on your decision, to step into your soul’s highest journey!

I am happy and grateful to serve you and guide you on your next steps.

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Nice to know:

  • Before the session, it is normal to have vivid dreaming.
  • After the session make sure to give yourself time to integrate and relax your body.


Remember to bring a glass of water, a notebook, and a recording device if you wish to record the session.
The call will take place online via zoom. Make sure you have a computer/phone that works for the call.

My 1:1 boundaries
I will open the call 10 min before. I kindly invite you to use those 10 mins to make sure you have your electronic equipment ready & working.

Please know that I value both your time and my time. When we set up a meeting, that time is set aside to focus on your healing with additional time to prepare. This allows me to come to the meeting ready and to utilize our time as efficiently as possible.

I understand emergencies happen and cancellation may be required. If you do need to cancel, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule by email at info@anemoneauora.com or text me at +4531346885

To avoid being charged a cancellation fee, please make sure you contact us at least 48hours ahead of your scheduled appointment. Cancellations requested within 48 hours will incur a penalty fee of 40 euro.

If you are not there 10 min after our scheduled appointment you will lose the session.


Looking much foward to see you & serve you


Anemone Auora