Online Qi Gong & Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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50-Hour Advanced Dao Yin Yoga & Qi Gong Teacher Training ONLINE


31.08 -01.09

13.09 – 15.09




Everything you need to become a specialized Yoga & Qi Gong teacher who heals dis-eases, stress & pain with movement!

Get this world-class high-level advanced teacher training, including 6 months of access to the training online for 888 euros – early bird price until the 1. of June 2024!


About this training

This training is unique training different than ANY other online yin yoga style you will find.

This is for you if you want to

✔️ Be the go-to- expert in your environment when it comes to healing the body with movement

✔️ Learn a unique way to combine yoga and Qi Gong that heals body, mind & spirit body

✔️Be the go-to-expert for other yoga and Qi gong teachers in your environment

✔️ What to learn a practice that also heals you and charges your Qi so you don’t burn your form helping others

✔️ Be more specialized in pain and pain therapy

✔️ Learn an ancient Daoist approach to both Qi Gong and Yin Yoga that you can only learn directly from a Daoist Master in China

✔️Learn online from your own home


Are you tired of joining yoga teacher trainings that don’t have strong enough healing methods and theories, leaving you with your intuition alone to decide how to create your classes?

Are you feeling a little fed up of….

❌ Learning a new yoga method, but not deeply understanding the reason behind the approach

❌ Students not getting less pain and not knowing what to do when students have pain in class or after class

❌ Joined yin yoga classes and learned a lot about anatomy, but now I actually how to heal the 5 elements and how to transform their inner Qi & Jing

❌ Learning both yin yoga and Qi gong, but now knowing how to combine them so that your students get stronger & healed

A spiritual approach to healing

This is a spiritual Daoist way to do yin yoga where the alchemical methods have never been taken out of this method to make it mainstream.

In this training, no wisdom is held back.

You will learn how to heal yourself and your students with a QI Gong & Dao Yin Yoga method from Daoism, that WORKS!

This Dao yin yoga style is a Daoist way of planning each asana, the class, and guiding the Qi through the breath.

Dao Yin Yoga focuses on:

  • Healing the meridians & inner organs
  • Preparing the body for practicing Qigong, Tai Ji & physical exercise
  • Changing the fascia & improving the mobility of the body – permanently!
  • Healing pain & tension
  • Creating safety, ease, and calm in the nervous system
  • Circulating and cultivating Qi with the breath and reaching a deep meditation state of inner peace
  • Increasing “jing” (energy fluid in the body)

What you will learn

☯️ 5 Animal Dao Yin Yoga classes – one class for each element
☯️ Qi Gong for self-healing – Body, Mind & Soul
☯️ Women cycle healing (including menopause & post postpartum with ancient Qi Gong Methods ONLY
☯️ Women Cycle Healing Dao Yin Class
☯️ Myo-Fascia Healing & mobility Dao Yin Class
☯️5 Animal Qi Gong for Yoga Classes

Daily programs

 06.0 am-07 am Qigong

08.30am-11.30pm Theory Class

12.30pm-2pm Theory Class

2.15pm-4 Pm Dao Yin Yoga Class

gmt+2 timezone


Days & Content

module 1:  31.08 -01.09 pm (gmt+2 timezone)

What is Dao Yin & Daoism

  • What is Dao Yin Yoga
  • What is Qi
  • Basis Dao Yin Yoga Class
  • Daoist Meditation technique
  • Medicinal Qigong
  • Breath & Qi Theory
  • Qigong class
  • Yin Yoga History
  • Yin & Yang Theory
  • Wi Ju & Wu Wei Theory

The Water Element

  • Kidney & Urinary bladder
  • Asana for kidney & unitary bladder
  • Theory About the water element

Pain Therapy & Myo-Fascia Anatomy

  • Myo Fascia Anatomy Applied
  • Dao Yin Yoga & Myo-Fascia Applied
  • Pain Therapy in Yoga
  • How to change the physical body
  • Pain Healing Yoga Class
  • How to handle students with pain

The wood element

  • Liver & Gallbladder Meridian Theory
  • Anasna for Liver & Gallbladde
  • Theory about the wood element

Module 2: 13.09 – 15.09

06. am-4:00 pm (gmt+2 timezone)

  • 5 element theory and emotions
  • 5 element theory in Dao Yin Yoga
  • Meridiands & 5 element theory
  • 5 element Qigong class
  • How to build a 5 element Dao Yin Yoga Class

The fire element

  • Heart& Small Intestine + Pericardium & Trippleburner Meridian Theory
  • Anasna for the fire element
  • Theory about the fire element

The astral & subtle energy body

  • The Energy Body Theory (Dan Tians, Meridians & Chakras)
  • Acupressure points
  • Dao Yin Yoga Master & alchemy class.
  • Energy Transformation in Dao Yin Yoga, Qi Gong & Meditation 
  • Dao Yin Yoga Asana
  • Dao Yin Yoga Energy Master Class

The earth element element

  • Stomach & SpleenMeridian Theory
  • Anasna for Spleen & stomach
  • Theory about the Earth element


Module 3: 27.09-28.09

06. am-4:00 pm (gmt+2 timezone)

The metal element

  • Lungs & large Intestine Meridian Theory
  • Anasna for lungs & large intestine
  • Theory about the metal element


  • Each person teaches the group for 5 min.
  • Q&A
  • Daoist meditation
  • Initiation to the Daoist Path


Early Bird investment: 888 Euro

Normal: 1200 Euro


You get:

50-h Qi Gong & Dao Yin Yoga Certificate

– Medicine Qigong Series

– Daoist  Meditation Self Healing

–  5 Animal Dao Yin Yoga Classes

-Myofascia release & pain free Dao Yin Yoga class

– REPLAY of the training for 6 months

-Access to a closed Facebook group

-PDF Manual for alle methods

Registrations are now open

To sign up for this course contact Anemone directly to get all the information you need: or book a call:

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Rules and boundaries

You are welcome to participate only via REPLAY. But you have to then book a 1:1 Graduation with Alex when you feel ready. The investment for this is 100 EUR.

You will have the REPLAYS for LIFE!!

If you do not participate full-time or you are not able to join because of illness there will be no refund, but you will have all REPLAYS.



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