Take a Leap- Of Faith

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This is the perfect oppotunity for you as an Empath to take a authentic LEAP!

  • Become the version of yourself that the universe and your heart is calling foward
  • Do the actions that the universe is calling you to do full of faith in your heart
  • Embodie your autentic self and stop pleasing everyone arround you

What most coaches teach you

Most coaches out there will tell you

  1. how to change your self-image to get what you want
  2. Do affirmations, mindshifts, mindset work and re-programming to get what you want
  3. Take actions from the frequency where your desired outcomes exist.

And let me tell you – All this WORKS! Absolutely.

BUT – And that is a big BUT

It has a karmic price for an empath of you follow all these manifistations practices from a place of just 99% unalignement.

If will cost you different sufferig.

The point is not to become someone you can find in your imagination.

It is to feel safe eneough to let go of all the walls holding, restisting and protecting your autentic self to be seen.

Because for your whole life, you tried to fit into a world that was not ready for you-
Pure love and light – So you learned to hide your authentic light away and please people to avoid them lashing out at you or leaving you.
When hiding your true self, has become a habit.
– How can you work with a coach on reaching your goal?
– Whose goal is that?
Creating a new self-image with the wrong intention- a desired outcome without doing it for the healing of this planet and all beings, will without a doubt bring you out of alignment with Your autentic heart
Join my Master Class and learn to LEAP in a way witout pleasing any coach, falce image, society or family members.
Get ready for:
  • Radical Decitionmaking together with the universe
  • An open worthy heart even in hardship
  • Clarity about your next step in your destiny

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Anemone Auora, I am 32 years old, Empatic Empowerment Mentor, Healing Therapist specializing in Pain Science.
  • I spent the last 3 years deeply developing and discovering a profound healing method opposite to what I was seeing all over the internet.
  • I found this healing in my darkest moment when I was in full isolation in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal during c19.
  • I was confronted with what I choose to call the deep wound of all humanity’s suffering. (others call it hell or the dark night of the soul).
In the middle of the dark not only did I find my own light.
I discovered my own authentic power and soul purpose.
A power that I subconsciously had been running from my whole life.
Since I came home from Nepal I managed to heal myself from PTSD, Stress, Chronic Pain, Endomitriosis AND
  • My dream Partner
  • dream home
  • Dream work healing and guiding empaths for a living.
  • My own Dao Yin Yoga, QiGong and Meditations Teacher Trainings
  • An amazing work/life balance
  • Awsome friends – love you gues
  • Awsome amazing clients
  • A healthy body that can go to the gym

And I never thought it was possible for me to live within society or to have a normal life in any way.

But I decided I deserve it! And i cultivated a lot of power to win over my karma.

Let’s leap togeher

Dear empath The time is no longer to hide or change yourself in order to fit into society.
The time is to take a leap of faith – meaning finding your faith to believe in the unbelievable – yourself!

Themes of the 3 days

Take a leap of faith in You and Your divine path
Take a leap of faith in relationships
Take a leap of faith in money, abundance, and the unlimited possibilities

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