Welcome to Empathic Mastery

Your booking is confirmed

Dear soul

Congratulation on your decision, to step into your soul’s highest journey!

We are going to have so much fun, deep healing and strong connections together, and I am SO EXCITED.

Your booking is now confirmed and all our calls will appear on your online calendar.

Nice to know before we start:

First live call: 6. march at 8 pm CET Copenhagen time via zoom.

The replay is sent the day after.

Each call will include:

– Channeling from your guides

– Healing you and the group need

– A self-healing practice

– Q&A Clavoyiance



Preparation for the first call:
Remember to bring a glass of water, a notebook, and a recording device if you wish to record the session.
The call will take place online via zoom. Make sure you have a computer/phone that works for the call.

My 1:1 boundaries
I will open each call 10 min before start. I kindly invite you to use those 10 mins to make sure you have your electronic equipment ready & working.

Please know that I value both your time and my time.

In case you miss a call you will recive it via replay.

All recordings are not to be shared with anyone else but people in the group.


Looking much foward to see you & serve you


Anemone Auora