Super Sundays – Healing Spa for your soul

Healings that brings you inner peace & autencity

Every Sunday at 8-9 Pm (GMT+2)

Soul Healing, Initiations, energy activation’s & Meeting your spirit guides

Clearing of negative energy, pain, discomfort & negative emotions

Organ healing, Chakra Healing & Past Life healing

Welcome to Super Sundays

These Sunday healings are potent evenings where I channel healing directly from your Akashic Records.

You will experience a  calm sensation in your entire body as the energy works in your energy field.

Each Sunday I invite your spirit guides to join us. And they will always bring you the exact healing and messages that you need.

The point of these healings is to give time for your soul your fullest attention. In doing so you will integrate your highers self and life destiny into your reality with ease.

In this reality we spent so much time away from your divine being that we forget who and what we truly are, and why we incarnated.

My gift in life is you help you feel that connection again.

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This Healig is for you if

  • You are experiencing a big change in life and are seeking answers
  • You have pain, stress, discomfort og feel out of harmony in body or mind
  • You want to feel closer to your divine connection & your guides
  • You need a break from life and to connect with your divine home (your heart)

How does it work?

Akashic Records is a dimension that exists outside time & space. So the healing takes place via zoom in GMT+2 time zone. 

The healing is a distance group healing where everyone gets exactly what they need.

The heaing is 45 min followed by 15 min for questions

Step by step

When you have registered you will get a link for zoom 1 hour before the call.

You click on the ink and join live. You can join seated or lying down.

Replay will be sent out 21.30PM via e-mail.

The replay will be open for 1 week and you can use it daily to change your frequency.

Give spa to your soul and feel peace

Join us below and get an experience for life