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Feeling ready to do your COMEBACK?

The new spiritual journey happens inside the body.

G R O U N D is a Alchemist practice designed to transform your old energy, traumas and past pains into power & Divine love


Module 1

From fear to power

No one but you should be in your energy field. You know that. But how the H*ll do you stop allowing other peoples emotions, the negative energy of this time, your ancestors and your families energy to not live in your energy field?

Get ready to learn the basic practices and the theory behind in this module.


In this module we will cover:

  • Magnetic Energy & Yang Qi
  • What is your power?
  • How to cultivate your power & why?


  • The Ground Practice for clearing the Kidneys & empowering your own energy
  • Qi Gong for your Wei Qi (magnetic field)


Tuesday 14. nov at 8pm

Saturday 18. nov at 09-11 am

Module 2

From Anger to Passion

A lot of ego stuff exit about destiny & manifestation. In this module we will explore and discuss the meaning of Destiny & the universeal plan for each soul journey.

Let your past be the fuel to step on to your destiny & serve the divine.

In this module we will cover:

  • Daoist theory: What is Dao & the path
  • Empowerment: What is your biggest lesson from life & what did it shave you to create
  • Becomming unbreakebale – Connection with spirit in you body


  • The ground practice to clean up your liver and step into your passionate destiny
  • 6 Easy steps to heal past wounds and step into power



Tuesday 21 nov. at 8pm

Saturday 25 nov. at 09-11 am


Module 3

From joy to peace

In the first part of the spiritual path you open to the divine, you awake your kundalini and you have many insights. 


NOTHING changes in your material world. Manny healers and coaches will try to tell you EXACTLY what to to, how to “manifest” 

THAT i GREAT and you should learn to manifest.

The problem however is not about your lack of motivation for change – You already did that.

What we will heal and go deep into is your judgements, resistance and beliefs about “the normal” life. After beceomming “ONE” with the divine we unconsciously create a spiritual ego, that does not identify with our old life.

Get ready to see life it self as the most magical experience.

In this module we will cover:

  • What is a spiritual ego?
  • How to create a life from your authentic self
  • How to love life and become aligned with magic


  • The ground practice of Bmbodying inner peace and divine love
  • Heal your spiritual ego


Tuesday 5 dec. at 8pm

Saturady 9 dec. at 09-11 am


Module 4

From self-doubt to thrust

Now you are here. In this module you will be GROUNDED. Your comeback is almost here.

But now it’s time to show up authentically & to learn how to be open and remain open also when fearing other peoples rejections & societies judgment.

Get ready to share your truth

In this module we will cover:

  • What is your story? How can you own it more?
  • Healing of past life shame & shadow


  • The Ground practice of thrust & faith. The center of the method
  • Healing the shadow & karmic imprints


Tuesday 12 dec at 8pm

Saturday 16 dec at 09-11.30 am


Module 5

From grief to transformation

To be a sovereign leader means showing up authentically, also when it feels uncomfortable, because you know WHY you are here, and what your service is.You know that you are NEVER alone and what the future holds for you and people like you.

Let your cosmic heart shine and co-create

In this module we will cover:

  • Connection to your guides and co-creating services
  • Connection to your cosmic heart
  • Owning your divinity in the body


  • The Ground practice to transform & rebirth yourself into form
  • Who am I becoming

Time slots

Saturday 9-11 AM CET cph Time

The Ground Practice

Tuesdays 08-09 pm

Theory & Transmission + Daoist Meditation for Grounding


My Name is Anemone

“I have been through hell and back several times in life, and each time I COMEBACK stronger”

I am a spiritual mentor & healer for empaths & sensitive souls, who are here to share their light on this planet but struggle to find their power.

I help you become empowered and use your pain as your catalyst


Ready to join the program?

Thereafter you will have FREE REPLAY for 6 WEEKS and you can download the videos for free.


Price In Danish Crowns 2.222


Join here


Whats included

  • 3,5 hours weekely training
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Learning the Ground Method of 5 element alchemy
  • Weekly healing Transmissions
  • One group Q&A Call


How I healed myself

My personality is somehow like a dragon-archetype. I use the pain as gasoline for my inner fire.

One example for that is when i was young and my one father had abused me. My mother was neglecting my experience and not acknowledging me or who I was. I got chronic pain in BOTH feet + in my upper back. The doctor told me to get a sport activity so I did. I started kayaking. I got so good at it that at the age of 17 I had 52 gold medals.

But then at the age of 17 my boyfriend diet and shortly after that i was diagnosed with chronic pain (fibromyalgia). When I was sick and the pain owned my life. I did not give up. I got my degree in Occupational Therapy AND I started doing yoga.

I became a talented yoga teacher, and at the age of 21 I had my first kundalini opening. After that I learned everything about pain, determined to become pain free. I learned explain Pain Therapy and became pain free. Since that day my spiritual path started. I left everything (boyfriend, work and my home).

I started fresh on my own healing people with pain using yoga and pain therapy. But my kundalini continued to open and I lost my grip of reality.

I went to China and met my Matser, Li Shi Fu. He taught me about energy, destiny and my true path. Since he send me back to society maybe you would thing – okay then she stopped, right?!


I traveled to Nepal to find my boddhisattva destiny. I found it, just not in the way I wanted. I got stuck in isolation in 116 day in a Buddhist Monastery during Covid. And I confronted all my past traumas in ONE GO.

In the moment I was done. I found my destiny. Following the law of the lotus sutra. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo AND the Daoist way.

That is my story in short. Since I came back to life I stepped int o my power, and let me tell you – it’s sooo goood  !!!